About Me

Hi, welcome to my homepage. I am currently a post-doctoral scholar at Computer Science division in Saarbr├╝cken, Germany. I am affiliated with the Center for IT-Security, Privacy and Accountability (CISPA) and the Software Engineering Chair leaded by Prof. Andreas Zeller.

Before coming to Germany, I was a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Computer and Information Science in Linköping University, Sweden, where I primarily worked in the Embedded Systems Lab. I have obtained my Ph.D. in Computer Science from National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore in 2013. Prior to my PhD study, I was working as a Research and Development Engineer in Synopsys for 1.5 years.

My research interests broadly cover the area of Program Analysis, Embedded Systems and Compilers. Concretely, my goal is to understand the influence of execution platform on critical software properties, such as performance, energy, robustness and security. In my doctoral dissertation, I worked on Execution-time Predictability, with a specific focus on Multi-core Platforms. At present, I am exploring different ideas for efficient, reliable and secure execution of complex software systems. Some specific application areas include (but not limited to) cyber-physical systems, mobile applications and genomic software.

Recent Activities


Partial list available from DBLP, Google Scholar and My List.

Recent Teaching


  • GRAB: A performance debugging tool to discover and localize memory-related bottlenecks in GPGPU programs (developed by my student Adrian Horga).
  • Side-channel Testing: An automated software testing tool to discover cache side-channel vulnerabilities (developed by my student Tiyash Basu).
  • MESS: A memory performance checker for multi-core systems.
  • Chronos for Multi-core: A Worst-case Execution Time analysis tool for multi-core systems.
  • MIPS2LLVM: A software that translates MIPS binary code to LLVM bitcode preserving both functionality and memory performance (developed by my student Moritz Beck).